Office, Gurgaon

When designing commercial and office environments, we understand that the aesthetic and functional requirements are different to that of a private residence. Moods must be tightly controlled to create a variety of ambiences within a professional context. Furniture must be simple and comfortable reflecting the character of the establishment without distracting its users. Office spaces should be conducive to working hours allowing occupants to maintain their concentration, whereas retail environments may choose to inspire or encourage with bold colour schemes and bespoke spatial arrangements.

Carefully designed working environments can enhance productivity and impress clients. Occupying a space that reflects the qualities of your company or establishment is a must in today's highly competitive world, where first impressions make all the difference.

The styling of Directors lounge aims to convey a vision of a forward moving, contemporary company. Modern materials and finishes have been assembled to create a functional and stylish environment for meetings and informal discussions.

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