Home Interior Services
  • Creating a truly unique and functionally bespoke interior environment is a dream that many of us share. Whether building up our ideal space over time or in an instant, we all have distinct functional requirements and stylistic preferences that define us as individuals.

    At Andy we understand that each project is as different as the person, with specialised necessities and a distinctive visual palette. We work closely with our clients to develop and refine their vision into a reality. Determining how a space will look and perform as a suitable extension of its owner.

    Starting with an idea and/or a set of criteria, our multi-disciplinary design team, consisting of architects, interior, spatial and product designers work alongside the client to formulate a

  • concise brief, expanding on spatial concepts and themes for furniture. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and maintain comfortable working relationships, which are vital when developing well coordinated bespoke interior spaces.

    Site visits and careful analysis of the existing spaces serve as a foundation for further development as our designers work on design concepts and spatial layouts outlined in your unique brief.

    Using a variety of skills and softwares from sketching and drafting to CAD and 3D modelling applications, we meticulously plan and organise the arrangement of spaces, placing as much focus on function as on form. Deriving the optimal design for the space and its contents as the project evolves

  • Utilising our experienced and highly skilled furniture department we can also manufacture bespoke pieces, tailored to suit your space. The result is a liveable and well-thought out environment that blends the taste and requirements of its occupants with Andy's signature high standard of quality. From one room to the other, we endeavour to construct distinct atmospheres that result in different moods within a collaborative whole.

    Through design and development to manufacture and installation we take great pride in our ability to deliver a high quality of goods and services within an agreed upon time frame.

    Take the next step to realising your vision and make an appointment for a interior consultation.

For Architectural enquiries please call us on +91 9910007480 or +91 9810073697 or email g.anand@andyhome.in or u.anand@andyhome.in